Connecting During Covid

I’m back and reconnecting

Over the last several months I’ve mostly been conspicuous by my absence from the writing world. I’ve written a few pieces for The Friday Fix on Medium. Here’s a free link to Careless, a 50 word microfiction. I’ve kept up with publishing Tempest in Under 1000 on the same site (more on that in a bit), but otherwise been pretty silent.

There’s been a lot going on in my world, even prior to COVID. Most recently, my daughter-in-law underwent an emergency c-section and I spent 6 weeks living with my middle son and his family, taking care of everyone 24/7. While I loved doing it, I’m exhausted and glad to be home. Fortunately I’ll still get my Grammy fix with visits and sleepovers. We’ve been operating as one household throughout COVID, so we will continue in the same vein.

I’m just now really starting to get back into trying to build a work routine again. I need to knock off another 20,000 words or so to complete the first draft of the final novel in my YA SF series (all of which will publish together when complete). I also have several short stories in progress and two more novels in development. Where to start?

Community Building

One of the most exciting things for me right now is that Tempest is rapidly growing. I had envisioned this publication as a community of writers who would support and nurture one another. We are now approaching 60 writers and I am publishing between 3 and 6 (the max) stories per day. Currently I read and lightly edit every story that is published and I am seeing my writers grow and develop. It’s a wonderful feeling.

Because our numbers are growing rapidly, I have started a Facebook group to facilitate interaction among us. I’m also looking into ways to hold some free online writing workshops. I’m so excited to see my little publication growing and connecting people who love writing to one another.

The Facebook group is closed, but anyone who wants to write for Tempest can, by replying to the invitation, which you can access here. To write on Medium you need an account but you don’t have to be a paid member. Once you have signed on as a writer, you can request membership in the Facebook group. Just make sure, if your Medium moniker is different from your Facebook name, to let me know who you are. Here’s a link to the post on the group.

Here’s a little information for those thinking of joining Tempest as a writer. Originally all stories were meant to be under 1000 words. Medium’s ever-changing algorithm has made it so that short pieces make no money, so I have created a new category allowing stories up to 5,000 words. You can go as short or long as you like within these parameters. We’ve even had some one sentence stories!

Writing has always been a solitary endeavour, but even (especially) writers need connection. Right now, during the pandemic, when getting out of the house has become more difficult, connection is increasingly moving online. I’d love to see you join us at Tempest!

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