Editing Services

 “Dascha helped me not only polish my manuscript, but develop writing habits that made me a better and more confident writer. She has an eye for detail that she uses to analyze character consistency, plot framework, and syntax. If you want a thorough editor with tons of experience, pick Dascha. Your manuscript will shine.”  … Gina Kopcrak

No matter how careful you are as a writer, it’s impossible not to miss things in your own work. You’re too close to the material. Fiction that could be great is merely good. Good doesn’t cut it in the current market. You need an editor to weed out passive prose, find the inconsistencies, the weaknesses in your story line, and the myriad of other problems that plague manuscripts.

I offer editing services for Science Fiction and Fantasy authors. Whether you’re a first time novelist or writing your tenth manuscript, I can help you make your work the best it can be. You want the story you have so lovingly crafted to shine. Give it a leg up with agents and acquiring editors. If you’re indie publishing, stand out from the crowd with polished prose.

Reach me at contact@daschapaylorauthor.com or find me on Freelancer to discuss your editing needs.

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