Here are links to my currently available publications on Amazon. Stay tuned for upcoming releases!

The Hundred is a full length novel, available in paperback and Kindle formats.

After finishing medical school on a military ticket, Dr. Audie Harwood, along with her parents, sister, and husband, Morrow, joins a colony on the idyllic planet Oma. A deadly plague breaks out. Audie and Morrow helplessly watch her family die. As the plague rages across Oma, Audie is called back up into military service and dispatched to check on Eden, a fringe settlement, whose members are thought to have all died. What she finds there brings danger and hope in equal measure, and begins a race with extinction for the human population of Oma.

Chameleon is a short story available in Kindle format.

Special agent Jelina Kohl just can’t catch a break. It seems that everyone wants her dead. Or do they? Killed in a bomb blast, and brought back to life, she now has something everyone wants. Will she survive long enough to find out what that is?

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