Short Stories


“Fourteen sixty-three B has just inhabited.”

Kayal looked up from the data stream he had been studying. It had been a slow night and he had spent it rereading Miasma’s early history. He knew it by heart now, despite having to learn it, rather than just owning the knowledge as everyone else did.

Thirty-seven hundred years ago the colony ship Fulfillment, on route to an approved, class M planet, had somehow been forced to abandon its trajectory and take orbit about this inhospitable world. Miasma’s atmosphere was poisonous and there was little land mass on which to settle. With no other choice, Fulfillment’s AI woke the settlement team from stasis.


Andy laughed as the eight week old pup licked his face. This was the dog he would take home. Ginger, he would call her. He beamed with pride as she sailed through obedience, raised an accidental litter of pups of her own, and saved both Andy and his wife when their home caught fire. She sat at his side, old and arthritic as he worked in his study, and he held her and wept as she died at fifteen. Fifteen years relived in minutes- it was frustrating to Andy that although he could remember every detail of his life, it played out so quickly. How many times had he relived Ginger’s life, his wife, Carol’s? How many libraries had he read and reread? 

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