Drive a Positive Attitude to Success

Stop blocking your own way Imagine you’re going on vacation. You start out with a positive attitude, knowing you’re headed for a week away. You’re driving down the freeway, excited to spend a week seeing the sights at your chosen destination, when you’re confronted by a barricade saying “Road Closed.” You immediately turn your car aroundContinue reading “Drive a Positive Attitude to Success”

The Best New Year’s Resolution for Writers in 2020 or Any Other Year

Set yourself up for success Image by USA-Reiseblogger from Pixabay I’ve never met a New Year’s resolution I couldn’t let slide and then let go. In fact, I truly believe that for myself, and likely many others, the very act of creating such a resolution sets up an inner resistance which inevitably leads to failure. New Year’sContinue reading “The Best New Year’s Resolution for Writers in 2020 or Any Other Year”

Work Less to Increase Productivity

The law of diminishing returns for writers One of the most common problems I saw as a physician at a busy university health clinic was students stressed out around their workload. These students would work ten to twelve hours or more a day and still not be able to keep up. They gave up onContinue reading “Work Less to Increase Productivity”