How to Write Fight Scenes

Fight scenes and battles don’t have to be the bane of your existence The thought of writing a battle or fight scene used to terrify me. I’m just no good at visualizing all the elements involved. My eldest son is a great strategist. He’s so good no one will play games against him anymore becauseContinue reading “How to Write Fight Scenes”

Lessons for Writers from Glee

Never give up on your dreams Love it or hate it, Glee has something to teach writers. I’ve spent the last 6 weeks binge watching the show. It’s my guilty pleasure when I’m sick. The show most closely follows the lives of Rachel Berry and Kurt Hummel, but the character who interests me most is Mercedes Jones.Continue reading “Lessons for Writers from Glee”

Drive a Positive Attitude to Success

Stop blocking your own way Imagine you’re going on vacation. You start out with a positive attitude, knowing you’re headed for a week away. You’re driving down the freeway, excited to spend a week seeing the sights at your chosen destination, when you’re confronted by a barricade saying “Road Closed.” You immediately turn your car aroundContinue reading “Drive a Positive Attitude to Success”

How to Create Compelling Villains

Your antagonist should be as well fleshed out as your protagonist How many great books have you read in which the antagonist is poorly defined, or worse, a caricature of a villain? I can’t think of one. In the best stories, the antagonist is as memorable and engaging as the protagonist. Think of Darth Vader,Continue reading “How to Create Compelling Villains”